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Biot number

The Biot number (Bi) is the ratio of the thermal resistances inside of a body and at the surface of a body. The Biot number is defined as: Characteristic length can be estimated as:

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Bejan number

Bejan number used in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. Thermodynamics Dejan Number The Bejan number is the ratio of heat transfer irreversibility to total irreversibility due to heat transfer and fluid friction. It can be represented

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Atwood number

It is a dimensionless number in use in fluid dynamics for the study of hydrodynamic instabilities in density stratified flows. It is defined as: While L and H refer to heavier and lighter fluid respectively.

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Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle

The vapor compression refrigeration cycle can be broken down into four different steps: Expansion Evaporation Compression Condensation The process flow of the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle is represented in figure 1. 1. Expansion Expansion is the

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Sizing of Pressure Relief Valve

Gas/Vapors Relief Valve The flow through a pressure relief valve is dependent upon the absolute upstream pressure and is independent of the downstream pressure when the downstream pressure is less than the critical-flow pressure. However,

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Also known as 5-iodo-2-pentene. CAS No: 874291-92-6 Properties Generic Properties Critical Properties Temperature Dependent Properties Specific Heat The specific heat at constant pressure can be calculated with the formula: Heat of Formation The heat of

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